Add Parents to Existing Mice


When using the Create New Mice form, upon return to your Mouse List, you will notice that the Dam and Sire columns will be empty. These columns are populated automatically only when mice are created using the New Litter form.

If you need to retroactively fill in the parents of your mice, you can easily select the mice and click the Add Parents button on your Mouse List. 

IMPORTANT NOTE! Please note that you can only add parents to mice from the same litter at a time. This means that you must first choose mice that share the same Date of Birth, and same parents, then proceed to clicking the Add Parents button. 

On the Add Parents page, you will have two options to add parents:

  1. By Physical Tag of the dam and sire
    This option is recommended if the parents of the mice are not currently in your database or if you know exactly what the parents tags are and they may or may not have a mating record already set up.

  2. By Mating SID or Mating Tag of the parents
    This option is recommended if the parents have an existing Mating Record in SoftMouse as it will ensure 100% that you add the mice to the exact parents. You can retrieve the correct Mating SID or Mating Tag from the Mating List and then input this SID or Tag on the Add Parents page to search for the specific mating record.

Once you have inputted the parents by Physical Tag or Mating SID/Tag, simply click Filter and make your selection then Save + Back to List.

All done!


If you have any further questions, please contact us with your inquiry.