How to Change the Strain of Multiple Mice at a Time

In SoftMouse, because the Strain of a mouse is linked to a specific Mouseline, you first need to select the Mouseline in order to select and change the Strain.
For a Strain to be populated into the drop down list, you need to first make an association between the Strain and the Mouseline on the Edit Mouseline page--- To learn more about adding strain to a mouseline, Click Here.
Once the association is made, you can then go back and edit any Mouse, Mating, or Litter  Record to add in the Strain if you choose.

To change the strain of multiple mice at the same time:

 From the Mouse List Page,

1.  Select the Mice you would like to edit and click on the "Edit Mice" tab (You'll be forwarded to the Group Edit Mice Page)

2.  On the Group Edit Mice page, select the Mouseline from the drop down in the table first.  You can then select the Strain after  --- the strain drop down list will refresh automatically to only show you the strains associated with the mouseline you previously selected.

3.  Select all mice that will contain this strain in the table below.

4.  To save your changes, click on either green "save + stay" button to remain on the same page or the "save + back to list" button on your screen to return to your mousline list. 

You should now see the Strain populate in the associated column for all mice that were selected. 



  • If you decide to change the strain of a breeder, all subsequent litters born to that mating record will automatically inherit the Litter Mouseline and Strain. 

If you have any further questions, please contact us with your inquiry.