How to Create Gene - Allele Associations


When managing multiple different genes and alleles, your corresponding list may get quite overwhelming. Softmouse has now made it easier for you to personalize your page more than ever with the addition of associations.  Associations will allow you to better maintain your gene and allele information with organizing and pairing so that you can view the information that's most relevant. 


To create or edit a Gene - Allele association:


 From any list after logging in:

  1. Go to the blue menu header and click on the small "wrench" icon on the upper right-hand side
  2. Click on "Gene - Allele association" to create or edit an association 
  3. From here, select the owner for the corresponding association --- if no changes are needed, leave blank
  4. Next, click on the Gene that you would like to associate to a specific set or sets of Alleles
  5. Follow up by selecting the Alleles
  6. Finally, click on the green "Save" button to save your changes



That's it!  Now, when you select a Gene when creating, editing, or moving mice only the Alleles that you chose to associate with the Gene will appear instead of all the Alleles you have inputted in Softmouse to date.


If you have any further questions, please contact us with your inquiry.