How to enable RapId© Tag Functionality


In Softmouse, you have many convenient options to identify your mice within the system. One of those options is enabling the function to use RapId© Tags as a form of identification for your mice.  Once enabled, you can conveniently scan to enroll RapId© Tags that have been applied to your mice as well as being able to scan to identify each mouse and be forwarded to their corresponding Mouse Record to add or edit any information. 


If you would like to scan mice with RapId© Tags, please click here.


To enable the RapId© Tag Functionality:


1.  First, log in as the admin user on your account and head straight to the home menu.

2.  Next, click on the My Preferences tab and make sure you are on General Preferences page.

3.  Scroll down to the last option for RapId© Tags, select "On" from the drop down list, and click on the green "Save" button on the lower right hand coner of your screen button to save your changes.  

4.  Finally, before you begin scanning any RapId© Tags, scan the attached two codes with your RapID scanner in order --- This will ensure that after every scan the scanner will simulate a "tab" which will allow you to continuously scan mice when enrolling them into SoftMouse without needing to use your mouse / keyboard to go to the next mouse after scan.


CR 1400 Scanner:


CR 1500 Scanner: 



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