Import your Historical Colony Data

We know it is not easy to transition to a new software, especially one that is so crucial to your core daily research activities. We are also aware that every researcher has a unique set of colony data.

This is why we offer various options for your data to be imported into SoftMouse.NET, depending on your specific needs.

What are the main benefits of our Data Import Solutions?

  • Time saving if you are on a tight timeline and need a large set of data imported into SoftMouse.NET as quickly and accurately as possible

  • Organization and nomenclature standardization of your data before import so you easily find what you are looking for in SoftMouse.NET when you need it
For a full overview of data importing options, please consult our Data Importing Comparison Table.

For a detailed explanation of the different SoftMouse.NET data import options, please consult the dedicated FAQs:

Free Data Importing Service

Premium Data Importing Service

NOTE: some of our users request the possibility to have on-going imports throughout their subscription. We can also address this need at an affordable rate. Please contact us by email at [email protected] or toll free at 1 844 559 6322 for this or any other specific request.


 Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Why would I want to pay for importing my data, when SoftMouse.NET offers a FREE Data Importing Service?
    • You probably wouldn’t!… unless you don’t have any time, any available resource, or just don’t want to input your data in our Import Template Document.
    • However, it’s an affordable one-time cost that saves you lots of time, especially if you have thousands of historical and current mice to import, or if you need help to standardize your data.


  1. Can my data from another colony management system be imported into SoftMouse.NET?
    • Our colony management experts are available to assist you in importing your current colony and breeding data from gMouse, the Jax Colony Management System, or from any other colony management system.
    • This is totally free of charge. If you need help to export your data from your previous system, please contact us for details at [email protected].


  1. How is my data secured after I send it?
    • Your data will be stored securely at all times after receipt. No one other than your main SoftMouse.NET data import contact will ever view the data.
    • Once your data is imported and you are satisfied with your account, your data file will be promptly deleted from your SoftMouse representative's mail server and local computer.


  1. Where should I send my data?


  1. What will happen immediately after I send my data?
    • A SoftMouse.NET colony management expert will contact you to confirm receipt of your data.
    • She/He will explain the next steps to you and be your main point of contact for your import and your entire SoftMouse.NET experience.


  1. What happens to my data when my 30 Day Free Trial ends?

Once your 30 Day Free Trial of SoftMouse.NET is over, you will have two options:

Option 1: You can sign up for a paid, full-featured SoftMouse.NET subscription, same as what you experienced during your trial period. 

Option 2: You will Automatically be transitioned to the SoftMouse.NET FREE edition 

NOTE: Regardless of which option you choose, note that all data imported and inputted to date in your trial period will remain accessible to you as usual. 

Learn more about SoftMouse.NET FREE and SoftMouse.NET PREMIUM features


To help you easily get started with SoftMouse.NET digital colony management software, HERE is a prior recording of the Getting Started with SoftMouse.NET webinar! 

You are also welcome to join us on a future webinar (every second Wednesday @ 1 PM EST) by registering HERE.

If you have any further questions, please contact us with your inquiry.