Filter the Tag and SID Fields for Multiple and/or a Range of Values

Looking for more than one mouse or cage at a time has been made easy with Range Searching and Multi-Value Searching

In the Tag and SIDs filter fields of any of your filters, you can now search by range of entries, along with semicolon-separated Tag / SID's that are not in a range.

Here is an Example:

 Range Searching Instructions:

  1. Separating values within the range with a dash "-"
  2. You must include a space on either side of the dash.
  3. E.g. "4015 - 4030", NOT "4015-4030"


Multi-Value Searching Instructions:

  1. Use a semicolon ";" to separate values
  2. You must leave NO space on either side of the semicolon
  3. E.g. "4015;3634", NOT "4015; 3634" or "4015 ; 3634".


Note because the Physical Tag field is an alphanumeric field, range filtering may pull up inexact matches. Multi value searching on the other hand will pull up exact matches.  



If you have any further questions, please contact us with your inquiry.