The Mating Record


If you have created a mating in SoftMouse, sooner or later you'll find yourself in The Mating Record.  The record lets you view and edit the information of the mating and its corresponding litters.

To aid in finding and editing that information, the page is divided into TABLES.  Viewing The Mating Record and its tables will help if at any point it is important for you to see exactly which mice are paired together and their corresponding litters.


The tables consist of:

1.  The Main Table --- mating info and slightly editable.

2.  Breeder Information --- list all mice involved in that mating

3.  Litter Information --- list all litters from the mating

4.  Event History --- mouse participated events

5.  Attach Files  --- stored files


To Access the Mating Record:

Go to your Mating List by clicking Matings in the blue menu header, select the checkmark box to the left of any Mating you wish to view, and click on the Edit Matings tab. (You'll now be forwarded to the Mating Record Page) 


Once on the the Mating Record page, All editable fields will be located in the Top 2 Tables of the page. All other relevant record information will be located below it in the Bottom Orange Header Tables. 


1.  The Main Table:

A.  Contains all basic information about the mating (eg. state, mating SID, etc.).  

B.  You can also edit some information through the familiar dropdowns (litter mouseline or strain )or by selecting a calendar date (set up date or pregnancy) and clicking on the green "save + stay" button to save your changes and remain on the same record.  

You can also:

C.  Add a New Litter, Track Embryos, or Add a Mouse to the mating (e.g. it dies or is removed) by using the tabs located at the upper left corner of the Table and selecting an action.

2.  The Breeder Information table:

Will show you all the mice that belong in that mating and their current state (mating, ended, etc.).  The table itself will also assist in gathering historical information and lineage tracing by giving you direct links to: 

A.  The Mouse Record (M/F) of each mouse currently participating in the mating, that when clicked, will allow you to gather all historical information for each mouse individually.  

B.  The cage that each mouse participating in the mating is currently housed in (Cage SID/Cage Tag), that when clicked, will forward you to the Cage Record of that selected cage.

You can also edit each mouse participating in the mating individually or in a group by:

C.  selecting the checkmark box to the left of the mouse and using the yellow drop down menu located at the top right corner of the page to select an action. 

3.  The Litter Information table:

Will show you every litter ever born to that mating, past and present, including the DOB, wean date,amount of pups, etc.  It will also assist in gathering historical information and lineage tracing by giving you direct links to:

A.  The Litter Record (Litter SID/Tag) of each litter born, that when clicked, will allow you to view all relevant information belonging to the selected litter.

B.  Their litters parents (Sire/Dam Tags)that when clicked, will take you to the individual Mouse Record of each selected parent.

4.  Event History:

The Event History table is unique as it was created to help keep you on top of your colony activities. It will list every event that the mating has participated and will participate in.  It will also give you direct links to each event in your calendar, past and present, complete or incomplete, that when clicked, will allow you to view all the details of the said event. --- To learn more about creating a calendar event, click here.

5.  â€‹File Attachments:

Will show you any files you have associated and uploaded directly to the mouse record.  ---To attach an item, just click on Attach/Delete files and follow the prompts.

If you have any further questions, please contact us with your inquiry.