Using Physical Tags


If you identify and number each mouse individually (e.g. Ear Tag, Tattoo, etc.), you most likely use Physical Tags to do so.  In SoftMouse, you can easily add Physical Tag information to any of your mice at any time from any of the the Edit Pages.  You can also add the Tag information to each mouse individually or in bulk. If you add the tags all at once, the system will autosequence the tags for you.


The Physical Tag Section consist of 2 boxes.  


The First Box:

Is for Physical Tags that contain a common parameter (e.g., a letter that precedes the number, "C57-33" "C57-34", etc.). Type it in and the system will automatically add it to the beginning of each sequence. Otherwise, leave this box blank.


The Second Box:

Is for the Tags actual number.  After selecting one or multiple mice, type in your starting number in this box and click on either the green "Save+Stay" or "Save + Back" button.  The system will autosequence the tags for you if you selected more than one.  






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