SIDs Explained


System IDs (SIDs) are unique system identifiers created for all data stored in the system. This is to ensure that there will not be any duplicated records, and it can also be used to gain insights about your colony.

Insights from the SID:

  • Mouse, Matings and Cage SID numbers start from 1 and increase sequentially. Therefore, if the Physical Tag field is left blank, the mouse SID can be used as a unique identifier
  • Tip: If you wish to quickly learn how many Mice, Matings and Cages are in the system while in the respective table view, you can simply click the SID column title and look at the largest SID value.



Litter SIDs:

  • Unlike the other SID numbers, Litter SIDs are a combination of Mating SID and Litter number. A Litter SID of 33.2 means that is the 2nd litter produced for mating pair SID 33.
  • If you usually retire breeders after a certain amount of litters, such as 6, then the SID can be used as a quick indicator of when to retire a mating pair.



You can always opt to hide the SID column by customizing visible table columns.


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