How to Assign a Per Diem to a Cage


There are three pages where you can assign a Per Diem Rate to a Cage:

  • Move Mice page
  • Edit Cage page
  • Group Edit Cage page

On the Move Mice page:

For each cage you are creating on the Move Mice page, a Per Diem Rate drop down list is available.

By default, it will already display your default Per Diem Rate (as defined when Setting up the Per Diem Rates - Step 5).

To change the Per Diem Rate for these cages, simply change the value in the drop down list before clicking on Create / Update cages


On the Edit Cage and Group Edit Cage pages:

  1. Go the Cage List
  2. Select one or multiple cages
  3. Click on Edit Cages
  4. Select another value in the Per Diem Rate drop down list
  5. If on the Group Edit Cage page, select which cages to apply the change to
  6. Click on Save

NOTE : Changing the Per Diem assigned to a cage will only have an effect on the Per Diem calculation going forward. This is NOT retroactive, meaning it will not affect previously calculated Per Diems.


To visualize what Per Diem Rate is currently assigned to your cages, you can add the column Per Diem Rate to your Cage List by Customizing Table Columns.


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