How to Edit the Date Mated of Breeders

If you accidently enter or would like to edit the Date Mated of a Breeder, follow the steps below to correct or change it:

  1. Go to the Edit Mating Record page for the breeder in question
  2. Next, select the check box or boxes of the mice involved in the mating
  3. Click the "More actions" button directly under the Matings > Edit Mating Header and select "Edit date mated"
  4. Finally, select the correct date from the calendar and click "Submit"

NOTE: After clicking Submit, if you see a message that indicates that the Date Mated of the breeder must be on or after the Mating's Set Up date, then consider whether you also need to change the Set Up Date of the Mating record itself. Follow the instructions here to learn how.

If you have any further questions, please contact us with your inquiry.