How to Enter a Litter DOB Before Today

  • If you are backfilling your colony data into your SoftMouse account, you may encounter an issue whereby after retroactively adding a Mating (i.e. adding a mating with set up date in the past), you then try to retroactively add a litter but the system will tell you that you cannot add a litter DOB before 10 days from today. 
  • One thing to note is that the new litter's DOB is being compared with the Mating's Set Up Date and the Date Mated of the Breeder's in the Breeder Information table.
  • This issue typically happens if a retroactive Mating was created but the Mating Set Up was left as today's date on the New Mating page. Once the mistake in the set up date is discovered, you would then go to the Mating Record and change the Set Up date of the Mating on the Edit Mating page. 
  • The key is: if you change the Mating Set Up Date to an earlier date, you also need to make one more change: you need to update the Date Mated of the Breeders in the Breeder Information table to that same earlier date and then the litters can be added in retroactively without a problem. 
    To fix the issue, you can follow the steps here: Edit the Date Mated of Breeders
    You can also read the Note in the following link for reference about the distinction between the Mating's Set up Date and the Breeder's Date Mated - specifically, how these two dates are originally created, why they both exist and why changing one does not change the other: Mating's Set Up Date

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