Create New Mice

If you are just getting started with your SoftMouse.NET account and are populating the first records or you have received mice from an external source (e.g. JAX, Charles River, another lab) and these new mice have no historical parental information in your database, you should use the Create New Mice form as described below.

If you are trying to add new mice to your database as part of a newborn litter, use the New Litter Form. (This will ensure that the pups are linked to their parents, which in turn allows you to fully trace the lineage of your mice over time.)

To Create New Mice:

  1. Go to your Mouse List by clicking Mice in the blue menu header.
  2. Once on the Mouse List page, click on the New Mice tab. (You'll be forwarded to the Create A New Mouse Record Page)


  1. Next, Enter the REQUIRED FIELDS:
    1. # of Males and Females (You must input at least one male OR one female) AND
    2. their corresponding DOB.


4.  Now enter the rest of the fields.  Each Field has a brief description below:

A. Owner: Select the owner of the records that you are creating --- this will default to your preferred owner (e.g. "Me" if you are creating records for yourself) so more often than not, you won't have to change this drop-down.

B.  Received Date: Use the calendar icons to select the correct dates ---  If you don’t receive mice and are just populating your Mouse Records with mice that you already own, the date is not required so this field can be left blank.

C.  Physical Tag: If you number your mice (e.g. Ear Tag, Tattoo, etc.), fill in the second box with your starting number and the system will auto sequence the tags for you. If you have a common parameter for all tags (e.g., a letter that precedes the number, "C57-33" "C57-34", etc.), put these letters into the first box and the system will automatically add them to the beginning of each sequence. Otherwise, leave the first box blank --- note that the system starts by numbering the males first, then the females. (To learn more about the Physical Tag function in SoftMouse, click here.)

D.  Mouseline, Protocol, Strain, Supplier, Alt. I.D, Category, Notice, Generation, Color Coat, Status: These drop-down lists are not required fields, so they can be left blank. You can select an existing item from the drop-down list, or add new items to the drop-down list simply by clicking the words in front of the drop-down --- e.g. Click on "Mouseline" (D1) to open a pop-up box into which you can add customized content (D2).


E.  Comment and Phenotype: These fields are not required, so they can be left blank. You can put freehand text in either of these fields --- remember that any text you enter into these fields will be copied to the comment/phenotype fields for all mice in the batch.

F.  Genotype: Similar to #D above, click on "Gene" and/or "Allele" to add customized content to the drop-down lists. To add a genotype, select a combination of one gene and one allele from the corresponding drop-down lists and click the grey Add to Genotype button. You will see the Genotype box populate on the right-hand side with your selection. If you are tracking multiple genes, simply select the second gene and the second allele combination from the drop-down lists and click the grey Add to Genotype button again. Repeat for as many genes as necessary (To learn more about the easy way to use Genotype function in SoftMouse.NET, click here.)

 5.  Click on the green "Add" button (a) when done to generate a preview table (b) of the mice that will be created.


 6.  Once all mice have been added into the Preview table, you have two options: 

A.  You can click the green "Create Mice" button to save the new Mouse records to your database and be taken back to your Mouse List where you will see your newly created mice --- note clicking this button will not create any Cage Records for your mice.


B.  You can click the green "Create Mice and Move them into Cages" button to save the new Mouse records to your database AND get taken to the Move Mice page where you can move the newly created mice into their cages --- to learn more about moving mice into cages, Click here.




  • Tip 1:  You can add mice in batches by inputting the total number of males and females in the batch. Note that all mice created in the same batch will share all the same parameters (e.g. date of birth, mouseline, genotype, etc.) 
  • Tip 2:  If you want to create a second batch of mice, click Reset to clear the form and follow steps 3-5 again for another group of mice. 
  • Tip 3:  If you skipped a Physical Tag in the sequence, you can click on an individual row in the table, modify and manually change it.)


You have now successfully Created A New Mouse! Click HERE to learn How to Create New Matings.


If you have any further questions, please contact us with your inquiry.