Edit Mouselines


When editing a mouseline, you have the option to edit a single mouseline, or multiple/group mouselines depending on your specific situation, requirements, and workflow. 


To edit a single mouseline:

1.  From the Mouseline List page, click directly on the name of the mouseline you wish to edit. (You'll be forwarded to the Edit Mouseline Record Page)


2.  Edit any information you want for the mouseline.  Once done, click on the green "save + back to list" button on the lower right hand corner of your screen to save your changes


To edit multiple mouslines at a time:

1.  From the Mouseline List page, click on the checkmark box to the left of each mouseline you wish to edit.

2.  After selecting multiple mouselines, click on Edit Line tab. (You'll be forwarded to the Group Edit Mouseline Page for the specific mouselines you selected)


3.  Edit any information you want for the mouselines that will share common data and select them. 

4.  To save your changes, click on either green "save + stay" button to remain on the same page or the "save + back to list" button on your screen to return to your mousline list.


You have now edited single and multiple/group mouselines.

If you have any further questions, please contact us with your inquiry.