Start from Scratch

If you are just starting off a brand new colony, you can quickly follow the steps below to get started!

If you have an established colony but are not concerned with having all of your historical data inputted into your new SoftMouse.NET account, an alternative way to get started is simply to begin by adding your current mice only (Stocks and Breeders).

Once your current breeders are entered into SoftMouse.NET, then as new litters are born, simply add the new pups into your SoftMouse.NET account and you will officially have transitioned over to your new database! 

Tip: If you have an established colony already with a lot of data, we recommend inputting mice one mouseline at a time. 


Follow these instructions to get started:

  1. Add one of your Mouselines - How to Add Mouselines 
  2. Add all associated mice and cages into the database as Stocks - How to Add Mice 

  3. Set up all of your current Breeders - How to Add Matings 

  4. Repeat Steps 1-3 for the next Mouseline

  5. As new litters are born, add the litters straight into the database - How to Add Litters 

  6. When ready, you can sex, tag, genotype and wean them - How to Sex, Tag, Genotype and Wean a Litter  

Now continue the above steps as you set up new breeders and add new litters!


To help you easily get started with SoftMouse.NET digital colony management software, HERE is a prior recording of the Getting Started with SoftMouse.NET webinar! 

You are also welcome to join us on a future webinar (every second Wednesday @ 1 PM EST) by registering HERE.

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