Wean Multiple Litters at a Time

If you have many litters that need to be weaned on the same day or within the same time frame, you can wean them all together if desired.


From the Litter List:

1.  Select the check boxes of all the Litters that you would like to wean and click on the "Wean Litters" button. (You'll now be taken to the Wean Litter Page)

2.  Confirm the default Wean Date listed in the calendar field (change it if necessary, otherwise leave as is) and click on the green "Wean Pups+Move Weanlings into Cages" (You'll now be forwarded to the Move Mice Page)

3.  From here, use the Group and Ungroup buttons to cage the weanlings as needed and click on the green "Create/Update Cages" to save your changes --- by default the system will group pups from each litter by sex (the males and females of one litter will have their own cages)



Now you will be returned to your Litter List and the newly weaned Litter will be archived. The weaned mice will now appear as "Weanlings" in your main Mouse List. 



If you have any further questions, please contact us with your inquiry.