How to Create a Calendar Event

A calendar event can be created from any view in the Mouse Colony menu, such as Mouselines, Mice, and Cages, etc. or from the Projects menu in the Projects and Experiments pages. Here's an example of how to set up a Calendar Event from the Mice view in the Mouse Colony menu:

  1. Go to the Mice page
  2. Select the mice that you’d like to Add to the Event, then click on the "Calendar Icon" in the upper right corner
  3. In the Calendar pop up, choose the week of the event or date on the left
  4. Select the coresponding time by double clicking in the time window on the right, or dragging down from the start time to the end time of the event
  5. Click on the "Calendar" icon to proceed to the New Event page
  6. In the new event box, fill in the Name of the event and add a description if needed
  7. To make the event repeat after a desired time period, click the "refresh enabled" button and fill in the appropriate information (see video gif below)
  8. Select the check box if you want an email reminder -- ensure you have emails alerts on in the preference menu: click here to learn more
  9. Select the "Done" checkbox if the event has already been completed
  10. Click Save

In the New Event pop up, you will see the hyperlinks to the mice that you added, and when you save the event on the calendar, it will show the number of records that are included in the event 


NOTE: If you want to see in your list which records have associated events, you can click "Select Table Columns" and check the box for "Event" - where there is an event associated, you will see the Date and Title of the event in that row


If you have any further questions, please contact us with your inquiry.