Using A QR Reader to Scan Cage Cards

QR codes are automatically generated links that can be scanned via mobile device to send you directly to that cage record.  


To see how to enable the QR Code on your age Cage Cards, click here.

To scan the QR code once the card has been printed, you simply need to download a QR scanner app on your phone or tablet. We recommend QR Code Reader by Scan Inc. which can be found in both the Apple Store and Google Play Store. Feel free to use any scanner of your choice.

Note: We recommend a scanner that lets you redirect the link to the mobile device’s full browser rather than the app’s built in browser. This can be configured in the Settings of the app by unchecking the option for "Use in app browser".


Follow these steps to scan the QR code on the Cage Card:

  1. Open the QR scanner app on your device
  2. Hold the camera of the device in front of the QR code box on the card and wait for the image to focus
  3. You will receive an audio notification on your device that the card has been scanned and then a web browser window will open 
  4. If you are already logged into your SoftMouse account, it will take you to the edit cage page of the cage you just scanned. Otherwise it will prompt you to login to your SoftMouse account, after inputting your credentials, you will then be automatically taken to the edit cage page. 




If you have any further questions, please contact us with your inquiry.