Customizing your Cage Cards


Cage Card customization can be performed by the SoftMouse Admin User of your account. Once the admin configures the cards, all users within the group will share the new configuration.

To configure your Stock Cage Cards and Mating Cage Cards, please follow these steps:


Accessing Cage Card Preferences for configuration: 

  1. Click the Home icon to get to the admin section (grey menu)
  2. Select Preferences
  3. Select the Cage Cards tab
  4. Choose the Stock Card tab or Mating Card tab
  5. Select the options you’d like to have on your card and use the live template below the options to visualize your changes.

Note: changes will save automatically, there is no Save button on this page


  • Orientation Horizontal and Orientation Vertical radio buttons allow you to switch the orientation of the Stock and Mating cards, giving you the versatility to work within your constraints or simply to better suit your preferences:


  • Male card font color and Female card font color options change the color of the text within the table. Should you decide to print your cards in color, it becomes easier to distinguish all male and all female cages or mixed cages at a glance: 


  • Selecting ‘Yes' for Mouseline color will add a circle on the card showing whatever color you set for the Mouseline from the Edit Mouseline page (Click here to learn more about how to change mouseline color)
  • QR Codes are automatically generated links that can be scanned via mobile device to send you directly to that cage record.
  • If you are already logged into your SoftMouse account, it will take you to the edit cage page of the cage you just scanned (Otherwise it will prompt you to login to your SoftMouse account the first time and then take you to the edit cage page). Click here to learn more about QR codes


If you have any further questions, please contact us with your inquiry.