Where to Print Cage Cards

Cage Card customization can be performed by the SoftMouse account administrator. Once the admin configures the card, all users will share this set configuration. Click here to learn more about how to customize cage cards.

You can print cage cards by selecting the Print Cage Cards button, which can be accessed in three ways in SoftMouse. 

There are three ways to print cards:

  1. From the Cage List, select the cards to print and click "Print Cage Cards"
  2. From the Move Summary page, which appears anytime you execute a mouse move, click "Print Cage Cards"
  3. From the Edit Cage page
    1.  Click the yellow drop down menu in the top right
    2.  Select "Print Cage Cards". Note: this method will only function if you enable popups in your browser, as the Cage Card printing page will otherwise be blocked.
  • Print from the Cage List:



  • Print from the Edit Cage page:



  • Print from the Move Summary page:



Regardless of whichever option you choose, you must then click the Print button in order to open the browser print menu.


Depending on the browser which you are using (and the printer you are using to print), the process will differ slightly. Click the appropriate link to learn more about how to print as well as how to export your Cage Cards as PDF to print multiple per page:




If you have any further questions, please contact us with your inquiry.