Enter a Litter with Unknown Size

When a new litter is born, it is good practice to avoid disturbing the cage until a few days after birth. That said, you may want to record the new birth in your SoftMouse account without entering the total number of pups born until a few days later.

Whether you create the Litter from the Edit Mating page or from the New Litter page (both options are described in detail here), all you need to do is leave the Litter Size as 0 and the system will record the Litter with no pups. Then once you have counted the pups, you can easily enter them in by Adding Pups to the Litter.

Below is a screen shot example of what your Litter List will look like where the size of the litter is unknown.



  • the litter size column is blank where the Litter Size was recorded as 0 indicating the unknown size
  • because no physical mice have been created, the Cage Tag field in your Litter List will be blank. When you Add Pups to the litter at a later date, you will have the option to put them into the parental cage at this point

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