How to Create New Litters

When pups are born you can easily enter them into your SoftMouse account via the Mating List. The reason you enter new litters into matings (versus adding them in through the "New Mice" form) is so that linking matings to litters allows you to trace litters back to their parental records and track lineage. 

You have two options to add litters to SoftMouse:

  1. One Litter at a time via the Edit Mating Record page
  2. Multiple Litters at a time via the Group Edit Mating page


Option 1: Enter One Litter at a time

  1. Go to the Mating List
  2. Select the checkbox of the Mating record that produced the litter and click on the "New Litter" button (you will now be forwarded to the Group Edit Matings page)
  3. From here, enter the Litter Size and Litter Date of Birth --- if you left the Litter Size at 0 or if you have not yet counted the number of pups, you can Add Pups to an Existing Litter directly from the Litter list at a later date ---
  4. Finally, when done, click on the green "Create Litters" button to create the Litters and save your changes
  5. A pop-up confirmation box will appear confirming that the litters have been successfully added

*The following fields can be left as is if not needed for your tracking purposes:

  1. If you are creating this litter for someone else, you can choose their name for the Owner drop down
  2. If you track generation, you can select the generation of the litter from the drop down
  3. If you have a numbering system for your litters, you can put the number in the Litter Tag field
  4. If you would like to add a comment to your litter, enter it into the comment field



Now the page will refresh and you will find a new row added to the Litter Information table at the bottom of the page. 

Adding a Litter one at a time is particularly useful if you have a harem Mating set up and you want to select the mother for the litter. You can learn about mother selection here: How to Select the Mother of a Litter in a Harem



Option 2: Enter multiple Litters at a time

Whether you are backfilling your data records, or whether many breeders simply dropped a litter at or around the same time, instead of entering the litters one at a time, mating by mating, you can enter all litters in on the same page. Here's how:

  1. Go to the Mating List
  2. Select the checkboxes of all the Matings that produced a litter and click on the "New Litter" button (you will now be forwarded to the Group Edit Matings page)
  3. Select the checkbox of two (or more) matings from the list
  4. Enter the Litter Size and the Litter DOB --- as above, you can leave this as 0 if you do not have the count---
  5. Fill in the non-required fields where needed (Owner, Generation, Litter Tag, Comment)
  6. Click on the green "Create Litters"
  7. A pop-up confirmation box will appear confirming that the litters have been successfully added
  8. Repeat for the next matings



Adding litters in a group certainly speeds up the data entry process. 


- Both of these options are not so useful when you are adding a litter to a Harem mating and you need to select the mother. The only way to do this is via the individual edit Mating record for that particular mating. Without mother selection, the system will simply assume that both females in the mating can be considered the mother. If you would like to learn how to add a litter to a specific mother in a harem, click here  

- If you see another message indicating for example that there are not enough active breeders in the mating or that no breeder can be a mother or a father, for this particular mating it is best to enter the litter into the Mating's individual edit page to see what might be going on. This message often appears if one of the breeders is dead and the Litter's DOB is too far after the death date of the breeder for that breeder to be considered a parent. 

If you have any further questions, please contact us with your inquiry.