How To Foster A Litter

To track litter fostering in SoftMouse, you can follow these steps once the litter has already been created: 

On the Litter List:

  1. Select the litter that will be fostered and
  2. Click on the "Edit Litters" button

On the Edit Litter page:

  1. Click on the "Status" Link in the Edit Litter table and add "Fostered" as an item in the "Status" drop-down list
  2. Select all checkboxes in the Pup Information table and fostered from the "Status" dropdown
  3. Click on the green "Save + Stay" button to save your changes and remain on the page
  4. Select all checkboxes in the Pup Information table again, click on the "More actions" button, and select "Move Pups"
 On the Move Mouse page:
  1. Select all checkboxes
  2. Click orange Group button
  3. Open the Filter
  4. Enter the Cage Tag of the foster mother in the Cage Tag Filter parameter
  5. Click Filter
  6. Click Apply --- in the Row with the pups, you should see the Foster Mother's Cage Tag appear
  7. Click Submit

Back on the Litter List:

  1. Click the blue "Customize Table Columns" link at the top right of the table
  2. In the Column Chooser pop up, select the Litter "Status" checkbox
  3. Click the green "Save" button



You can now identify the litter status, which litters are currently being fostered, along with their new Cage Tag. 

From your Cage List, you can also see the pups moved into the Foster mom's cage.

If you have any further questions, please contact us with your inquiry.