How to Auto-Populate Generation to Litters


When creating a new litter you can auto-assign the generation to mice based on few criteria including:

  1. The order of your values in your Generation drop down list
  2. The generation of the parents (e.g. litter will be assigned F3 if both parents are F2 or if the sire is F1 and the dam is F2) 

Order the Generation drop down values

Following are the steps to order the values in your Generation drop down-list:

  1. Go to the New Mice page (or any page with the Generation dropdown)
  2. Click the word Generation in front of the drop-down
  3. In the pop up that opens, if any generations are missing add them in with the New field and Save   
  4. Once all new values are inputted and saved, open the generation box again and use the check box and up/down arrows to order the generations into the sequence in which you want it to autofill
    Note that if the generations are already in the right sequence, then proceed to step 5
  5. Click Save (clicking this button serves to save the order in the database)

Now the generation values will be ordered so the system knows how each generation follows the next.



 Adding new litters

On the New Litter page, you'll notice that the generation drop down will have a slight yellow glow around it when a mating is selected, which is an indication that your sequence has saved correctly and the auto population is on, as shown in the image below. 



  • On your Mating List, if you only have one mating selected before you click the New Litter button, you may need to unselect and reselect the check box one time before the generation will display in the drop down. 

How it works:

  • If both parents are the same generation, then the generation of their litter will auto-fill to the next generation in the list, e.g. parents are both F2, the litter will be F3
  • If the parents are of different generations, then the generation of their litter will auto-fill to the next generation in the list from the highest value of the parents, e.g. is one parent is F2 and the other is F3, the litter will be F4
  • If one parent has a generation and the other doesn’t, then the generation of the litter will autofill to the first value in the list. 
  • The generation will stop auto-populating once the end of the Generation list is reached e.g. if parents are F10 and there is no F11 option in the Generation drop-down, then the next generation will need to be added into the drop down first.




If you have any further questions, please contact us with your inquiry.