How To Track Embryonic Litter

You can track embryonic litters as follows: 

Enter a Plug Date for the female:

  1. Click here for details.


On the day of harvest, end the female mother:

  1. Go to the Edit Mating page of the plugged female
  2. Select the "End Mice" button directly under the Matings > Edit Mating Record header 
  3. Next, enter the End Date
  4. Select Harvest from the End Type drop-down list 
  5. After, select the checkbox of the female in the Breeder Information table
  6. Click on the green "Submit" or "Submit + Stay" button to save your changes
  7. Finally, on the Pop-up window, click the "End the mice only?" button to end the female and remain on the same page 

Enter the Embryonic Litter:

While remaining on the same page,

  1. Click on the "More actions" button directly under the Matings > Edit Mating Record header and select "Track Embryos" 
    1. If there is only one plugged female in the Mating Record, then the conception date will automatically be set to the Plug Date of this female
    2. If there are more than one plugged females in the Mating Record, then you must first select the check-box of the female before clicking Submit button
  2. Enter the number of embryos harvested
  3. Click Submit to create the Embryonic litter

To modify the Embryonic Litter:

  1. From the litter list, open the filter
  2. Select Ended Litter from the "State" drop-down
  3. Next, select Embryonic from the "Litter Type" drop-down
  4. Now, click on the "Filter" button
  5. You can now select the check-box of the embryonic litter and
  6. Click the "Edit Litters" button



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