What is meant by "No Change" in Drop Down Lists

Say you select a few mice on your Mouse List, click Edit Mice, then you are taken to the Group Edit Mouse page. In the orange Edit box at the top of the page above the Mouse List, all the drop downs will show "No Change", like this:

The reason these drop downs show No Change is because when editing any parameter in the table of mice below, if you do not want to change this specific drop down setting, then the system will leave these settings as is for the selected mice, while still allowing you to change another setting.

Consider this as an example:
  1. On your Mouse List, select 4 mice for which you want to add Coat Color - note that each of the 4 mice have a different Category inputted
  2. Click Edit Mice to go to the Group Edit Mouse page
  3. Select a Coat Color from the drop down list
  4. Select all 4 mice in the list below
  5. Click Save+Stay

Because the Category drop down is marked as "No Change", changing the Coat Color will not cause any updates to be made to the Categories of the mice in the table.

After clicking Save+Stay, you can see in the table below the new Coat Color was successfully added to the 4 mice and note that their individual Categories have remained intact.

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