How to Display Cage Tag in the Litter List


To display the Cage Tag field in the Litter List:


1.  Go to the Litter List

2.  At the top right of the table, click the "Select Table Columns" option

3.  Check the Cage Tag check box and click Save


You should now see the Cage Tag column in your Litter List.

Next, make sure the Cage Tag column is populated:


You may notice that the Cage Tag is blank for some or all of your litters.  If you are seeing this, it could be for 1 or 2 reasons:


1.  If the Litter Size is 0, then it means that there are no pups created for this Litter as of yet. T​he reason why is because in the database, cages are associated with mice, not with litters, so when there are no pups created in the litter, the system cannot retrieve the cage for the litter. As soon as pups are added into the litter, the Cage Tag/SID fields will be populated. When you are ready to Add Pups to the Litter, click on the green "Submit" button in the Add Pups box and the Cage Tag field will be populated automatically with the parental cage.  

2.  If the Litter Size is greater than 0, then it means that the litter was accidentally created without a cage. To ensure Litters are created and added automatically into theire parental Cage, simply ensure to click the green "Submit" button on the New Litter box within the Edit Mating Record at the time of creation. 

  • If you are still unsure or you dont want to add the pups just yet, you can also add the maternal cage as a column to the Litter List​, since the pups will (most often) be in the cage ​with their mother.  If you click Customize Table Columns on your Litter List​, in the pop up ​you can select the Dam Cage Tag ​(or Dam Cage SID) and click Save.  This way regardless of when you count pups, you will always see the Cage Tag listed in your Litter List. 


Finally, populate the Cage Tag column if it is empty:


If your Litter Size is greater than 0 and the Cage Tag column in your Litter List is blank, here's what to do:

  1. From the Litter List, select the litter in question and click Edit Litter
  2. On the Edit Litter Record page:
    1. Select all pups in the Pup Information table
    2. Make a note of the parent cage by look at the Cage Tag field in the Parent Information table
    3. Open the yellow drop down at the top right of the screen and click Move Pups


  1. On the Move Pups page:
    1. Select all check boxes and click the orange Group button
    2. Open the Filter
    3. In the Cage Tag, enter the Parental Cage Tag number that you noted in step 2 above
    4. Click Filter
    5. Select the check box of the Parental cage in the resulting Cage List and Click Apply --- you will notice that the Cage Information section of the table gets updated automatically
    6. Click Create / Update Cages


  1. On the Move Summary page, simply click the Litters tab in the blue menu to return to the Litter List and you should now see the correct Cage Tag populated in the Cage Tag column.


If you have any further questions, please contact us with your inquiry.