Archive Customizable Values

Please follow these steps to archive values in your dropdowns:

  1. Go to the New Mouse page
  2. Click the word Status (in front of the drop-down)
  3. Select the values you no longer wish to see in your active drop-down list
  4. Click Archive
  5. Click Save


 Now the values will still remain with your previous records, but every time you open the Status drop-down list, whether in the filter or on the edit pages, the archived values will no longer show. 

If you wish to do the same with the End Type or End Reason, you simply need to select any mouse and click End Mice. This will take you to the End Mice page where you will have access to edit the End Type and End Reason dropdowns (even if you don't actually want to end the selected mouse!).

Note that if you wish to bring the archived values back for any reason, you can simply:

  1. Go to the New Mouse page
  2. Click Status again
  3. Click the Show Archive link at the bottom right of the pop up to see the list of Archived Items

  1. Select the item to return to the list
  2. Click Reactivate
  3. Click Save


Now the value will return to the dropdowns as expected.


If you have any further questions, please contact us with your inquiry.