How to Associate an Existing Account to a New User

If you would like to transfer an account from an old user to a new one, the fastest way to do so is to modify the contact information on this user's account and then reset the password.
 You can easily associate an existing account to a new user by following these steps:
  1. Login as the administrator
  2. Click the Home menu, then My Lab menu
  3. In the user table, click the Name link of the User account to be modified
  4. On the Edit User page, change the username, contact information to the New User's information
  5. Click the Save+Stay button
  6. Now click the blue Email New Password button. Make sure to only click the Email New password button after clicking Save+Stay in the previous step, otherwise the new password will be sent to the previous user's email address
  7. Once you complete the above 6 steps, an email will be automatically sent to the New User's email address with their login and access information (including the URL, Email Login and NEW password).
Tip: If you have set the user as "Inactive", remember to reactivate the user (by selecting "Active" from the Status drop down list) when ready.

If you have any further questions, please contact us with your inquiry.