Strategies for Group Accounts

SoftMouse is an owner based system, which means that every record created in the account is owned by one user.

That said, depending on how your lab's mouse colonies are managed and the various personnel involved, SoftMouse Group Accounts can be configured to accommodate the following scenarios:

  1. Decentralized environment: where each lab member maintains their own projects and associated colonies, with perhaps a few common stocks that are shared among different lab members.

  2. Centralized environment: where one or a few animal techs (whether employed by the laboratory or by the animal facility) manage the colonies for an entire lab with lab members making requests, reserving mice or simply consulting the records through their own accounts as needed.

  3. Mixed environment: where some lab members manage their colonies on their own, and other lab members have an animal tech manage their colonies for them.

If you are unsure which environment best meets your lab's needs or would like to talk through the best set up for your lab, get in touch with SoftMouse Support by telephone or email anytime. We would love to listen to your needs and design a workflow that best suits your unique environment. 

If you have any further questions, please contact us with your inquiry.