View-Only accounts


View-Only accounts can perform the following activites:

  1. View the data in all lists in the top blue header, including Mice, Matings, Cages, Litters, and Mouselines.

  2. Select one record and click the Eye icon at the top right of the list to view the details of any one record. 

  3. Click the Select Table Columns button at the top right of each list to select and view additional data associated with each record

  4. Filter any of the lists to quickly locate records of interest

  5. Create Calendar Events to schedule key activities and set up email reminders

  6. Export any of the lists to a spreadsheet or pdf format- simply click the Export List button to extract data in Excel format for further manipulation, as shown below:



Please note that View-Only accounts don’t possess the same level of functionality as other account types, because they cannot access the Edit functions of any records. This means that this account type has no ability to modify data, delete mice, or set mice up as breeders for example.

If you have any further questions, please contact us with your inquiry.