How to Allow Users to Edit or View Protocols

As a Protocol Administrator, you can grant access to other non-admins in the account to be able to edit or view some or all Protocols.

Here's how:

  1. Click the Home icon to go to the admin section of SoftMouse.NET
  2. Click Permissions menu, then Protocol Access submenu
  3. In the Set Protocol Access Permissions for your Users section, select user(s)
  4. Select either the View or Edit radio buttons, depending on the permission you want to assign
    1. If you want to set permissions to only some Protocols, select those Protocols from the dropdown
    2. If you want to set permissions to all Protocols (current and future), simply leave the Protocols dropdown without a specific selection
      Note: If you want to give View access to Protocols with the ability for individuals to add Notes to comment on the Protocol, you can simply check the Notes box
  5. Click Save


If you set the permission to only some Protocols, you will see those listed in the Protocol Permission column in the table.

If you set the permission to all Protocols, you will see a checkmark in either the Edit or View column for that user(s) in the table.


NOTE: To remove a Protocol permission from a user(s), you can click the garbage can icon on their row in the table.


If you have any further questions, please contact us with your inquiry.