How to Track No. of Animals Used

SoftMouse.NET will keep accurate counts of how many animals you have used towards a given Protocol and will report these to you on your Protocol List.

Here are the details:

The total # of mice approved on the Protocol consists of two entries:

  1. # Mice Approved 
    On the Edit page of your Protocol, enter how many animals were initially approved on your Protocol in the # of Mice Approved section

  2. Additional animals added in Amendments
    If you create an amendment to the same protocol and increase the # Mice Approved, then this will also count towards the total # of mice approved

The total # of mice used aginst the Protocol also consists of two entries:

  1. Animals Assigned to the Protocol
    When you assign animals to protocols (either automatically or manually), this will automatically deduct from your total # of mice used

  2. Start Count From
    If you have animals counted on your Protocol that are not in SoftMouse.NET (e.g. they are historical animals or animals simply logged elsewhere), you can update the Start Count From number, which will increase the total # of animals used 


On your Protocol List, you can click Select Columns to add in the # Mice Approved, # Mice Used, # Mice left. This will give you a visual at all times into where you are in your usage. 


NOTE: The # of Mice Used is showing the total # used and assigned to animals in SoftMouse.NET. It is not including the Start Count From number, though this number is deducted from your total approved to give you the correct amount of how many animals you have left. 



If you have any further questions, please contact us with your inquiry.