How Key Contacts Work

When creating or editing a Protocol, you will see a Key Contacts section. 

The purpose of this section is to provide a list of all personnel that are approved on your Protocol. 

If someone approved on the Protocol does not have a user account in SoftMouse, you can easily click the "Not in Database" link and this will add them as a Key Contact without setting them up as a SoftMouse user. 

Specifically, the Key Contact can be used in conjunction with your printed Cage Cards. Meaning if a cage of animals has a designated person responsible, who should be notified by the facility if there is a concern with one of the animals in that cage, the Key Contact along with their phone number can be set to be displayed on the printed Cage Cards.

Here's how it works:

1. Select Key Contacts:
On your Protocol Edit page, select the checkboxes of the Key Contacts for that Protocol, as shown in the above image, and save

2. Configure Cage Cards:
If you are the admin of your SoftMouse.NET account, navigate to your Cage Card Preferences page and add ensure the checkbox is checked for Protocol, Key Contact and Phone Number

3. Select Contact for New Cages:
Whenever you create a new cage, you can select the Protocol for that cage, and you'll see that the Key Contact dropdown will automatically populate with the Key Contacts selected on that Protocol.

4. Updating Existing Cages:
To add a Key Contact to an existing cage(s), simply select that Cage(s) on your cage list, click Edit Cages, ensure the Protocol is selected in the dropdown, then select the Key Contact for this Protocol and Save.

Done! Now when you print your Cage Cards, they will display the Protocol, Key Contact and corresponding Phone Number. 



If you have any further questions, please contact us with your inquiry.