How to Customize Drop Down Lists

Your SoftMouse account comes equipped with a series of customizable drop down lists which you can configure with any content you wish to keep track of.

Wherever you see a linked name in front of a drop down list (e.g. on the New Mouse page, or Edit Mouse page, or End Mouse page, or Edit Cage page, etc.), click on the link to add your desired content (see the first image below for an example)

These lists are useful for tagging your records with specific items that you can filter for later, e.g. use the End Type drop down to input different types of Experimental Ends, or use the Litter Status to track fostered litter, or use the Notice drop down to tag reserved mice or mice to mate.

Here's how to add content to any of your customizable drop down lists:

First navigate to the New Mice page, or select a mouse / group of mice and click Edit Mice. 

  1. Click on the linked Name of the drop down
  2. Type in your content into the box
  3. Click Add
  4. Click Save
  5. If you wish to reorder the content in the list, open the pop up again and use the check boxes, and the Move up and Move down buttons to ensure your most frequently selected items are at the top of the list.


Now when group editing a list of mice, you can easily tag mice with your customizable content. 
Don't forget to add the column to your main Mouse List using the Customize Table Columns feature.

If you have any further questions, please contact us with your inquiry.