How to Add a Mouse to a Mating Record

In an existing mating record, if a breeder dies or needs to be replaced, follow these steps:
  1. Go to the Mating List 
  2. Select the Mating to which you want to add the Mouse 
  3. Click on Edit Mating 

  1. On the Edit Mating page, click the Add Mouse to Mating button
  2. Select the checkbox of the mouse to add
  3. Confirm the Date Mated
  4. Click Submit+Move


  1. On the Move Mice page, you'll see the Cage Information will be pre-populated with the cage data of the existing mating mice, so you don't need to do anything here except click Create / Update Cages 

NOTE: You can add a male only if there is no exisitng male or only if the existing male is retired or inactive


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