How To Track Plug Dates

If you need to keep a close eye on your pregnant females, either you will be harvesting embryos at a specific stage or you simply need to know when to expect the next litter, etc, you can keep a record of plug dates for your Mating Records.

Follow these steps to enter a Plug Date: 

  1. From the Mating List, select the breeding pair that contains the plugged female and click "Edit Matings"
  2. On the Edit Mating Record page, click on the "More actions" button directly below the Matings > Edit the selected Mating header and select "Track Plug Info"
  3. Select the checkbox of the female breeder from the Breeder Information table
  4. Next, use the calendar icon to input the Plug Date
  5. Finally, click on the green "Submit" button to simply add the Plug Date and leave the female in her current cage or click "Submit+Move" if you want to add the Plug Date and also move the plugged female to a new cage


Add Plug Date as a column option:

On the Edit Mating Page above the Breeder Information table, on the Mating List and on the Mouse List, click on Select Table Columns and make sure that the Plug Date check box is selected. This will ensure that the Plug Date column is visible in the lists for the corresponding records.

In your Mating List specifically, you will be able to see how many days post plug have elapsed in case there is a specific timeframe at which embryos need to be harvested for example:


Add a litter:

Whether you are adding an Embryonic Litter or a Postnatal Litter, as soon as the litter is added, then the associated Plug Date will be greyed out in the Breeder Information table, indicating a past Plug Date. You can now add a new Plug Date as needed and the new Plug Date will show in black font indicating an active plug, as follows:

You can also see the Plug History for the female mouse straight from her edit Mouse Record in her Mating History, as follows:


Entering a false plug:

If it turns out that there is a false plug, you can keep a record of this. If you are noticing a trend based on a high number of false plugs, this could be indicative of infertility issues either with the male breeder in question or with the line in general. 

To enter a false plug, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Edit Mating page of the female in question
  2. Select the checkbox of the female in the Breeder Information table
  3. Open the "More actions" button directly below the Matings > Edit the selected Mating header and select "Track Plug Info"
  4. Next, select the "Yes" button in the False Plug section
  5. Finally, click Submit to save your changes

You will now notice that in the Plug Date column, you can see how many times the plug failed by the grey highlighting on any plug that has been false, unsucceful, or completed.



  • You must follow the above steps in the correct sequence - specifically, step 2 of selecting the female must be done before step 3 of opening the Track Plug Infobox.
  • The reason for this is so that the system knows that you are modifying an existing plug by first selecting the plugged female, as opposed to setting a new plug for another female who may be in the Mating Record. 
  • If you accidentally open the Track Plug Info box before selecting the female, you will notice that False Plug options will not show. A simple refresh of the page will do the trick to reset the form. 


If you have any further questions, please contact us with your inquiry.