How to Retire a Breeder

If one of the mice in your Mating record needs to be returned to Stock - e.g. if it is not a good breeder, if you are simply separating male and pregnant female - you can use the Retire Breeder function to remove the corresponding breeder from the mating record. 

Here's what to do:

  1. Go to the Mating List
  2. Select the check box of the Mating containing the breeder in question
  3. Click Edit Matings
  4. Click on the "Retire Breeders" button directly under the Matings > Edit Mating Record Header
  5. Select the check box for the breeder to be retired from the Breeder Information table
  6. Confirm or edit the date that the breeder was removed from the cage 
  7. Click Submit or Sumbit+Move to retire the breeder and move it into a new cage
  8. Once retired, the font color of the text in the retired breeder's row will turn grey with the retired date showing in the Date Retired column.



  • Tip 1:  Alternatively, you can now retire the breeder directly from the mating list by selcting the breeder and clicking on the retire breeders button and following the prompts on the pop-up screen

If you have any further questions, please contact us with your inquiry.