Set Up a Pending Mating

If you are planning a mating that has not been set up yet at your facility, you can consider setting up a mating in your SoftMouse account and marking it as Pending
  1. Set up a mating and write "Pending" in the Comment field (or Mating Tag)

It will appear as follows:


  1. If the mating ends up being set up in reality, then simply remove the words "Pending" from the comment or tag field and it will remain an active mating
  2. If the mating does NOT end up being set up in reality, then simply select the mating from the Mating List and click the Delete Mating button
Once the mating is deleted, the Mouse records that were once breeders in this mating will be returned to Stock and will no longer have a trace of ever having been part of the mating. So basically after deleting, it would be as if the mating never existed. 

If you have any further questions, please contact us with your inquiry.