How to Set Up a Harem in Two Mating Records

There are two options to create a Harem Mating in SoftMouse:

  1. using one single Mating record
  2. using two separate Mating records

One benefit of the "TWO record" option over the "ONE record" option is that tracking litters to specific mothers is easier, specifically if you need to separate pregnant females into their own cages.

Each mother will have her own Mating Record, so it is easier to track how many litters were born to each mother.


Here are the steps to creating a Harem using TWO SoftMouse Mating Record:

  1. On the Mating List, click the New Mating button
  2. On the New Mating page, select the male from the male list
  3. Select the first female from the female list --- only select one female
  4. Enter the Mating Set up date and Litter Mouseline
  5. Click Add
  6. Scroll back up and you'll see the same male is still selected in the Male list, leave as is
  7. Select the second female from the female list 

  8. Confirm the Mating Set up date and Litter Mouseline
  9. Click Add --- you will see two separate rows in the preview table
  10. Click Create Matings and Move Breeders into cages

  11. On the Move page, enter the Cage Tag information and Click Create / Update Cages button.
    You'll notice that even though you have two mating records, the system still know you are putting all 3 mice into the same cage!

  12. Back on the Mating List, you will see two Mating rows, one for each female. The Male columns will be the same and the Cage Tag will be the same. The only difference is the female columns will have different information.


If one of the females gets pregnant and is moved to her own cage, follow these steps:

  1. On the Mating List, click on the female's tag who needs to be moved (the tag is a hyperlink)
  2. On the Edit Mouse Record page, click the Move Mice button
  3. On the Move page, enter the Cage Tag information and Click Create / Update Cages button 
  4. Back on the Mating List, you will see that there are two Cage Tags listed for this Mating record indicating that the breeders are no longer housed in the same cage

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