How to Add a Mouse to a Mating Record

In an existing mating record, if a breeder dies or needs to be replaced, follow these steps:
  1. Go to the Matings List
  2. Locate the Mating that should have this Stock Mouse listed in it
  3. Select the Mating's check box and click Edit Matings button
  4. On the Edit Mating Record page, click "Add Mouse to Mating" button (two to the right of New Litter button)
  5. In the action box, check the box of the mouse that needs to be added to the Mating
    Note: If the mouse you need to add in is a male, simply open the filter and select Male from the Sex drop down menu
  6. Select the correct Date Mated from the calendar (i.e. the date that this mouse was added)
  7. Click Submit




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