Introducing Male Rotations

There are 3 options in SoftMouse to accomplish male rotations, depending on your needs and preferences:

  1. Retire the male on one Mating Record before adding him to the next Mating Record 
    TIP: This option is useful if it is important for you to track exactly when a male was removed and added back to the same Mating Cage. 

  2. Add the male as an active Breeder on multiple Mating Records
    TIP: This option is useful if the male gets moved frequently through a number of mating cages.
    It differs from the previous option only in that you do not need to retire the male from one Mating Record before adding him to another one, hence you save a few clicks in your data entry process. 
    The same male will thus appear active on multiple mating records, and you can still trace exactly where he is located based on his current Cage ID. 

  3. Group the Male with all Females into one Mating Record
    TIP: This option is useful if you have a preference to see all females who mated with the same male and all litters produced by the same male in one Mating record.
    Note that in the two previous options, you can still see a Male's entire Mating History by visiting his Mouse Record. This option simply provides the same full Male Mating History information in a single Mating Record as well. 


Please note:

  • After a male has mated with a female, regardless of which option you choose above, you are going to want to leave the female as an active breeder, meaning you do not want to disband the entire Mating Record when you physically remove the male from one Mating cage and move him into another Mating Cage.
  • The reason why is because: in the likely event that the female is pregnant, you will need to have an active Mating Record in place so that you can add the pups when they are born. 


If you have any further questions, please contact us with your inquiry.